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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Meet the 2019 Performers – Alex Dee and Lou Kendon Ross (Hitman and Her)

We are loving this video interview today with Alex Dee and Lou Kendon Ross of Stage D'Or Productions who are bringing...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Katie Guicciardi (Fox)

"'I couldn't imagine having a child. Not even when I was sat in my Primark bikini in a plastic hot tub...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Kyle Vegter (Manual Cinema’s Frankenstein)

" I know this is a sound byte that is repeated often with regard to Edinburgh Fringe shows, but I...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Sadie Clark (Algorithms)

Today we meet the amazing Sadie Clark who has written a wonderful new play called 'Algorithms', "for anyone who’s wondered why...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Kenny Emson (Rust)

It is our pleasure today to talk to Kenny Emson, writer of Rust. His play is about a couple, Nadia and...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Tim Cowbury (The Claim)

Today in our 'Meet the Performers' series we meet Tim Cowbury. His new show 'The Claim' explores Britain's Kafka-esque asylum system...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Remy Beasley (Do Our Best)

Flying the flag for Wales today is Remy Beasley, who talks to us about her new show 'Do Our Best'; a...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Emily Jenkins (Bobby & Amy)

Today is the last day of the Royal Highland Show. A timely opportunity then to talk to Emily Jenkins, writer and...

Meet the 2019 Performers Slipshod Theatre (Space Junk: A Soviet Musical)

It is our absolute pleasure today to introduce Jake Mace and Mike Dorey of Slipshod Theatre. They are bringing their show...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Margaret Perry (Collapsible)

Today we meet award-winning Irish writer Margaret Perry who introduces her new show Collapsible. 'A funny, furious new monologue about holding...