Welcome to the EFC!

We are glad you have found our site and hope to see you here often!

We are a review site for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We have no affiliation to the Fringe Society or to any performer, and aim to give you the reader a balanced review of shows we have seen.

Over Christmas and the New Year, we took some time to think over the feedback from last years Fringe and reflect on how we would like to present our brand in 2019 and beyond.
 Our first priority was to rebrand our name and shorten it. ‘’ is a good webdomain but doesn’t easily trip off the tongue! We have therefore decided to shorten it to ‘The EFC‘. Liverpudlians might associate EFC with Everton Football Club (in fact there are 7 football clubs around the world called EFC!), but we hope our red and black branding is unique and people will quickly come to associate The EFC with our Fringe review site.

Creating a smaller logo was also important in our work with performers who needed a smaller more identifiable logo for inclusion in their posters and other marketing materials.
The red and black in the logo not only fits in with our wider corporate branding of our other sites (WIL and Tenby10), we hope it also evokes the colours of the theatre – the red velvet seats and curtains, and the dimmed lighting before the spotlights light up for the start of the show.

The logo design was the work of the fantastic Oliver Swinburne.

Lastly, we also promised to increase the visibility of Gaelic which we noted was severely lacking at the 2018 Fringe. We are proud to say our logo is now bilingual and we have started on the journey of making our website more Gaelic friendly, with translations of headers and categories.

We hope you like our new look and look forward to welcoming you all to Edinburgh in August as ‘the EFC‘.