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Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Whatever happened to...?

Looking back on past shows and what happened next to the performers

Whatever happened to…Hot Mess?

At this year's Fringe you could not have missed Hot Mess's surreal poster featuring the comedy duo of Max Levine and Anna Piper in...

Whatever happened to…Eamon Goodfellow?

Today we catch up with Eamon Goodfellow. Eamon and fellow comedian Anna Materowska brought their show 'Humour Trafficking' to the Free Fringe this year, with...

What ever happened to…The Fear?

The Fear by Tom Carswell 'The Fear' by Manchester Musical Revue was a musical comedy plying at C Venues at Fringe 18 about the lives...

Happy Bonfire Night!

To celebrate Bonfire Night, we thought we would show you a few fireworks from August! Enjoy and stay safe!