Sights and Sounds of the Fringe – Sunday 4th August


    A mixed day weather wise, but for the majority part of the day, the sun shone down on the Fringe crowds. Our team were out and about in between reviews, meeting the performers and taking in the sights and sounds of Fringe to share with you!

    And as our feature photo reminds us, there are lots of posters around Edinburgh today! If you have seen a good one, you have less than 24 hours to nominate it for our 2019 Poster Competition. Details here.

    Creating a Scene – Happily Ever Poofter
    Killer lines – Murder She Didn’t Write
    Set for Success – The Stander Gang
    First Class Theatre – Yours Sincerely
    Message on a Bottle – Space Junk: A Soviet Musical
    Drakaris! – Thrones! The Musical Parody
    Torso more-so – You May Also Like and Got a Text: A Musical Parody
    Three is not a crowd – Heroin(e) for Breakfast
    ‘Beautifully Beserk’ – Ubu the King
    I’ll tell you what I want – Wannabe: The Spice Girls Show
    Not feeling blue – Out of the Blue
    One custard cream of two? – Biscuit Barrel
    Sometimes people forget that Edinburgh is a real city full of human lives. This poignant graffiti outside a Fringe venue reminded us of that