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Lockdown Photo Tour of Edinburgh

Lockdown Photo Tour of Edinburgh

We walked the streets of Edinburgh today to give you a sense of how the city is faring in lockdown. Our photo tour starts at midday at Waverley Station, walks up Princes Street and George Street, back up the Mound to Victoria Street, then down the Royal Mile and back to Waverley.

It was strange to see the city devoid of Fringe posters, tourists and noise. But there was no sense that Edinburgh was in a ’28 days Later’ meltdown. Yes, it was sad to see an abundance of ‘for sale’ signs and hotels such as the Balmoral boarded up, but there was also builders everywhere, using the opportunity of lockdown to renovate buildings. There was also a sense of tourism on the cusp of restarting with the first outdoor cafés and bus tours starting to appear again.

Let us hope the pandemic is now under control in Scotland, and that we have seen our last victims, so that the economy can start to recover and Edinburgh’s shops, restaurants, theatres, comedy venues and pubs can welcome guests once again.

The tour starts at midday today at Waverley station.
No cheeky McDonalds for us on the way to Princes St!
The Balmoral hotel is boarded up
Leith St looking pretty quiet
Signs of Edinburgh up against the backdrop of a boarded-up Balmoral – Neighbourhood
The quietest you have probably ever seen Edinburgh in July
Edinburgh thanks all Key Workers – it sure does!
Stay Safe!
Princes St NHS tribute
No Fringe posters along Princes St this year!
Sir Walter’s Cafe in the Gardens – Back in business!
The lovely Seonad of Edinburgh Bus Tours telling us that some tours were available free until Tuesday!
George Street. Street cafés are now starting to appear
Please respect social distancing!
George Street
The Mound today – no posters, no people
Despite fears going into lockdown, the good people of Edinburgh seem to have been pretty well behaved
Victoria St
Start of the Royal Mile
Tumbleweed today outside the National Library
No queues today!
Looking up the Royal Mile towards the Castle
These phone boxes will be familiar to many of you!
Fringe Shop
The lockdown has given some the opportunity to perform renovations
No street performers today
Bottom gates to the Royal Mile
Boarded up for now
Hunter Square
Was this a crow magpie hybrid? For now he was the only entertainment at the Tron
South Bridge
Back to Waverley