Don’t feel Blue on Black Wednesday!


Black Wednesday has been a day at previous Fringes when most shows record their lowest audience figures. This coupled with an intense thunder storm of biblical proportions meant that this year we might see new record lows being broken. Certainly, the few shows we went to yesterday had audiences of 1 (an EFC reviewer!) up to 20, even at some quite large venues. If this was your predicament on Black Wednesday don’t feel blue! The first Wednesday is the first trough in the crazy three week rollercoaster known as Edinburgh Fringe – you’ve still got some peaks to go yet before you reach the exit! And like a rollercoaster, even though you might feel slightly dizzy and sore afterwards, you will likely be shouting ‘again, again’ on August 26th, and wanting to ride the Fringe once more next year!

Moments before the thunder, lightening and month’s worth of rain hit
Partying like Stormzy – Sheltering from the storm with the Party People from Bristol Revunions
Meeting the crew of the good ship Fisherman’s Tail, who won our review comp
Perfectly fine with us – we love a romantic! Piano_play
We didn’t catch who this team were promoting
There’s no mystery about this history (show!) The Ruff Guide to Shakespeare & Viking
A big Orange Inflatable and Trump the Musical. We were told unrelated and serendipitous!
Pressing the Flesh – Monkey Barrel Comedy
Sit down next to me
Shut Up, Helen! – Shouting about their new show – Aireborne Theatre
Finally sen a poster for Gabe Mollica (The Whole Thing) who we interviewed in May. Watch it here
Run for cover! – Chasing Aces by Byteback Theatre
Such intense rain! Dedicated Flyerer of the Year Award! If you know who this is and for which show, get in touch!