Meet the 2019 Performers – A Slightly Isolated Dog (Jekyll & Hyde)


We are very excited to meet today A Slightly Isolated Dog who will be bringing their show ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ to Edinburgh this summer – a ‘bonkers rendition’ and comedy retelling of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic with
‘joyous with audacious performers’.

A Slightly Isolated Dog are Fringe veterans, and their show ‘Don Juan’ received 4 and 5 star reviews last year, as well as fantastic audience feedback. This year the group are back all the way from New Zealand with ‘Jekyll & Hyde‘.

Our interview really captures the fun and engaging nature of the group and we are sure that fans new and old will be wanting to see A Slightly Isolated Dog this summer.

Watch our video below to see more about the show and find out where Hyde and Dr Jekyll hang out in Edinburgh when not on stage. Waiters and Waitresses of Dough Pizza beware – My Hyde is on his way!

All the best for Edinburgh guys, and hope you end up in Business next to Dr Jekyll and not Economy next to Mr Hyde on your flight over from New Zealand! #hepushesitdown

‘Jekyll and Hyde’ will be performed at 3pm every day from August 1st-18th and August 20th-26th at Venue 3 (Assembly George Square Gardens – Piccolo Tent). Tickets are available from the Fringe Book Office.