A very special interview today with Rosa Hesmondhalgh, who is bringing her show Madame Ovary to the Fringe. “It’s January and Rosa is writing her resolutions. This is her year. She is going to stop going out with plonkers, start doing yoga and write some really good art. But before she’s had time to delete her dating apps and get into downward dog, she’s diagnosed. With ovarian cancer. And it’s spread.” Madame Ovary deals with the everyday struggles of being a twenty-something, and the less typical struggle of dealing with ovarian cancer. A really insightful interview which not only gives us an insight into the show, but also has some very useful advice for those diagnosed with (ovarian) cancer, especially at a younger age. Madame Ovary will be performed daily from July 31 – August 12th and from August 14th – 26th. Tickets available from the Fringe Box Office.


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