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Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Review – Brendan Galileo for Europe – Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Overall Rating We are pleased to announce our second Five Star review of...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Shark Legs (Fulfilment)

Today we speak to Shark Legs and their show Fulfilment. This interactive puppetry production explores the topical issues around online shopping...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Charlie Jack (The Legacy of William Ireland)

Today is already the last in our 'Meet the Performers' series! But fear not, the series will return next year. As...

Review – The Legacy of William Ireland – Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Overall Rating I nearly didn't make this review. In typical Fringe fashion I...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Christopher Watts (Bleeding Black)

Today we meet Christopher Watts of No Borders Performance. His show - 'Bleeding Black' - explores the darker side of 'hyper-masculinity' against...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Steve Taylor (Kemp’s Jig)

Today in our 'Meet the 2019 Performers series', we hear from Steve Taylor of the Blue Fire Theatre Company, who will be...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Mia Johnson (Pink Lemonade)

Today we speak to Mia Johnson who is bringing their show 'Pink Lemonade' to the Fringe this year - a solo...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Paradise Lodge

Today in our 'Meet the Performers' series we speak to Doodlebug Productions, who are bringing their heart-wrenching production 'Paradise Lodge' to...

Meet the 2019 Performers – Sadie Clark (Algorithms)

Today we meet the amazing Sadie Clark who has written a wonderful new play called 'Algorithms', "for anyone who’s wondered why...