In line with previous years, the Fringe Central Events Programme is aiming to deliver a series of professional development workshops, seminars, discussions and creative labs throughout the month of August.

In 2017, the Fringe Society worked with 58 partners in order to deliver a comprehensive and diverse programme of over 120 events. The programme’s overall aims are to; develop skills, expand perceptions, build networks, advance careers and aid in the health and well-being of all those involved in a Fringe show.

The Fringe Society is currently looking for expressions of interest for the 2018 Fringe Central Events Programme.  For 2018, there is a strong interest in developing the Young Voices: Fresh Perspective, Health and Wellbeing (with a particular focus on Mental Health) and Breaking Down Barriers sections. In addition, the Fringe Society is keen on scheduling more workshops, masterclasses and networking opportunities for participants across all genres of the programme.

In line with our continued commitment to support participants in an open and impartial manner, all events presented within Fringe Central must:

  • Be free to attend
  • Be open to anyone taking part in a Fringe show
  • Not be used as a promotional tool for any Fringe show

Deadline for submissions of interest: 5pm, 7th March 2018